After what has felt like an eternity, golf is back, fit and healthy at Glyn Abbey. There will be no comments regarding the Welsh and British deliberations, procrastinations and disagreements, we're back and our course, to quote our Pro "is amazing" . There is not much to add as Mike Davies ( with assistance on occasions from Martin Lane ) has kept us all fully up to date with his informative emails. These clearly detail how golf can be played under the current rules and regulations issued from Cardiff. What must be done is to reiterate the huge thank yous to those members who have worked with Carwyn and Mike on the course, in particular the massive efforts in the bunkers. There were rumours that Mike Davies did not work in any of the bunkers, this is untrue, he worked in some of the deeper ones (five feet) and was therefore not visible from ground level. Seriously, to the volunteers who worked digging, raking and painting, thank you all, from us all.
My beloved Rabbits golf will not be taking place this year, though there may perhaps be the opportunity for a friendly inter club match at the end of the season, fingers crossed. Rabbits will hopefully be back next year and with a combination of my athletic ability and lessons from our Pro, my handicap will remain well within the parameters for my participation next year.
The Tigers were looking forward to the season with Ian at the helm and again they will hopefully be showing the other clubs in the area how good our top golfers are in 2021.
The gentlemen of the Senior section are as organised as ever and probably playing the best golf on the course.
Jan Jones has not only been travelling from Llanelli to Carmarthen every weekday to care for cancer patients but also working hard as captain of our wonderful Ladies section.
Finally, I hope we all enjoy the course and the club and hope it returns to its full glory soon (yes I'm missing a pint after a round). 
Finally, finally can we spare a thought for those members, their families and friends, that are unwell. To have loved ones and those we care about that are unwell and not to be unable to visit them is painful and unfair. Can we wish all those who are ill a full and speedy recovery.
Finally, finally, finally to all those who have and are working in the NHS, are teachers, cleaners, retail workers, delivery drivers, postmen (yes even you Colin) and the myriad of others who have braved Covid-19 for the community - THANK YOU.
Best wishes to you all