Tigers Section

2017 Tigers' Captain - Alan Evans

The Tigers are a team that play matches against other clubs in the Dyfed region in a league organised by the Dyfed Golfing Union.

The format is pairs four ball better ball matchplay, ie the best net score of our pair against the best net score of the pair they are playing on each hole.

The team comprises 14 – 18 players, and the maximum handicap allowed is 20. Players off a higher handicap may be selected. If so they play off 20 on the day.

Matches are social as well as competitive, and a meal is arranged at the end of the match – and a couple of beers if you feel so inclined! The cost is typically a maximum of £13. Click on Tigers Fixtures 2016 for details.

We play both home and away against each club in our division, so there are generally 10 – 12 matches in a season. There is also a knockout cup we participate in, where you may be drawn either home or away in each round.

When playing away we arrange transport amongst ourselves as appropriate, generally taking it in turns to drive and sharing the cost of petrol. On occasions we might take a bus to make it more of an outing if everyone so desires.

We all wear team shirts and, whilst not seeking to be overly formal, change into a shirt and Club tie for the meal and (short) speeches and results.

Tigers golf is highly enjoyable. It is both competitive and social, a great way to enjoy other courses for only £13 maximum including your meal, and a great way to mix with other Club members and meet members of other clubs.

The team is absolutely not a closed shop. Selection is open to any member and we are always looking for new players